BFU Radical Reading Group: Cleverman: First Contact

What: Reading Groups / Book Clubs

When: 29/08/2019 – 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Where: The Book Merchant Jenkins

“Cleverman: First Contact” – Metis in Space

Podcast, s5. E2:

In Season 5, Episode 2 of otipêyimisiw-iswêwak kihci-kîsikohk, Métis in Space is joined by poet, author, and badass, Gwen “Trap Queen” Benaway. We review the first episode of the Australian series, Cleverman, “First Contact”, wherein “a series of unexplained, violent attacks in the city are blamed on the newly discovered “Hairypeople” who have been living among the rest of society.” Join us for pointed discussions of restorative justice, yeast infection treatments, and Tindr profiles based off wine descriptions. Our apologies that you weren’t able to join us for post-show karaoke.

All readings (or links to readings) are available in the Google Drive. Access via:

About the Brisbane Free University Radical Reading Group

The idea is pretty simple: a bunch of folks getting together to think through some big ideas, drink tea, and shamelessly embrace our earnest enthusiasm for critical theory and gooey philosophical chats.

The focus of the reading group is on counter-canonical works; writing by and about Indigenous, queer, black, POC, anti-capitalist and feminist ideas and theories. We want the process of collective reading to be expressly political: we are reading this content in order to know how better to respond to the crises of the present. This isn’t an abstract learning exercise, though those too have their merit. This is a deliberate space for thinking philosophy, theory and politics in relation to the material, social, economic, aesthetic and emotional conditions of our lives.

These discussion groups are open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you want to read in advance. Each week, we’ll upload the readings and some framing questions. You can read through those, or just show up on the night to listen and think with us.

The Book Merchant Jenkins hosts the BFU Radical Reading Group most Thursdays. Check the events page for upcoming conversations.