International League of Antiquarian Dungeon Masters

What: International League of Antiquarian Dungeon Masters

When: 09/10/2019 – 6:15 pm - 8:00 pm

Where: The Book Merchant Jenkins

Veteran DM, founder of the Dragon Hunters’ Guild, and The Book Merchant’s assistant Daniel (the) Grey invites you to join the International League of Antiquarian Dungeon Masters: a fortnightly workshop for DMs and GMs of every background, gender, edition, and level of experience.

ILAD is an inclusive space for dungeon masters to build their worlds and stories as collaboratively or as quietly as they like, floating ideas for feedback or just drawing maps and rolling stats on an old couch in a nice bookstore.

For the bold, each session will also include a themed world-building, map-making, or rule-bending challenge to get the creative juices flowing.

But mostly: Daniel will bring his sourcebooks and stationery to work and you can use them if you like, because tabletop games bring people together and good stories make the world a better place.

Yes we’re going with ILAD, no M. Yes I’m sure. Well, because it’s a play on- listen, it wasn’t a good joke, please don’t make me explain it.