James W. Jesso: Bad Trips

What: Lecture Series

When: 22/10/2019 – 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Where: The Book Merchant Jenkins

Bad Trips are a troubling and complex phenomena. This talk will provide a conceptual framework for understanding bad trips: where they come from, what it means/takes to rehabilitate, and what the culture gets wrong about them from Jesso’s unique blend of spirituality, trauma-informed psychotherapy, and interpersonal neurobiology.

The lecture will offer some context for Bad Trips that enables a healthy and helpful approach to the wounding and challenges that come with them.

James W. Jesso is a Canadian author, public speaker, and podcast host in the psychedelic field.

His two books, Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom (2013) and The True Light Of Darkness (2015), present a model for working with the ‘magic’ psilocybin mushroom as an ally in personal transformation and in developing psychospiritual maturity.

James’s podcast, “Adventures through the mind” features interviews with luminaries in science, art, and culture across a range of disciplines. This platform expands James’s work into a more broad exploration of progressive social developments, and the potential role psychedelics might play within them in an accessible manner.

There will be an opportunity to purchase James’ books after the presentation.

This is a ticketed event. Tickets can be purchased online: https://events.humanitix.com.au/james-w-jesso-presenting-bad-trips