Neither/Nor – book launch

What: Book Launch

When: 28/07/2019 – 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Where: The Book Merchant Jenkins

New Century Press (Francis Boyle & Robert Morris) is proud to announce the first issue of neither/nor, the off-kilter successor to the long running poetry anthology small packages.

Featuring an assortment of articles, reviews, images and poetry, neither/nor is the arts and (sub)culture magazine that’s neither one thing nor the other but most definitely a thing of its own.

Quirky but serious neither/nor is presented in a package that looks rather small, unless viewed beside any one of the 12 volumes of small packages, in which case it probably looks deceptively big.

We aren’t quite sure what neither/nor is yet but with the help of our contributors and readers, we look forward to finding out.

Featuring Contributions by:
Francis Boyle
Phil Brown
Barbara De Franceschi
Jeffrey Harpeng
Ron Heard
Matt Hetherington
Robert Morris
Duncan Richardson
Emerald Roe
Ynes Sanz
Pym Schaare
Pam Schindler
Susan Skowronski
Jake Sun


Please join us on this quest at the Book Merchants Jenkins, where we will launch at 3pm, July 28th.