Science Fiction Versus Science Fact in Media

What: Lecture Series

When: 23/02/2020 – 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Where: The Book Merchant Jenkins

Dr Candice Michelle Goodwin juggles living in two worlds: She’s a scientist & engineer, as well as a science fiction author and TV & film producer. These worlds overlap and Candice will talk about how to keep science (such as the genetic revolution, ghost-hunting and superabilities) grounded, authentic and entertaining in a science fiction context. Candice is the author of the Enter Entropy book series, available on Amazon now, and is a producer on various films and web series, including Code 8Deep Six, Kat Loves LA, and Amortal.

This is a free workshop.

Enter Entropy is the story of Dr Lana Senate, an accomplished scientist who consults with the police. A lab accident leads to her being infected with genetically manipulated bacteria that alter her cells, resulting in enhanced senses. While struggling to keep her abilities a secret from the people she loves, Lana realizes that she needs to trust others to help her understand this gift and use her advanced sensory awareness as an advantage in solving crime.

Right before your eyes she is changing…

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