Lot of 21 Gay Fiction, Poetry, and Literature Anthologies (Gay Sunshine Press)

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    Full list of titles: 1. My Brother, My Lover by Tim Barrus; 2. Hadrian by Joel Schmidt (2 copies); 3. Gay Sunshine Journal No. 47: Anthology of Fiction/Poetry/Prose edited by Winston Leyland; 4. Look Back in Joy: Celebration of Gay Lovers by Malcolm Boyd (2 copies); 5. Game Texts: A Guatemalan Journal by Erskine Lane; 6. Bayou Boy: And Other Stories by Lars Eighner; 7. Out of the Blue: Russia’s Hidden Gay Literature: An Anthology edited by Kevin Moss, with an introduction by Simon Karlinsky; 8. The Smile of Eros by John Coriolan; 9. Partings at Dawn: An Anthology of Japanese Gay Literature edited by Stephen D. Miller, with an introduction by Paul Gordon Schalow; 10. Hot Studs (Volume 3): Homosexual Encounters from First Hand edited by Winston Leyland (2 copies); 11. Naked to the Night by K. B. Raul; 12. Dream Stud: And Other Stories by John Coriolan; 13. Orgasms of Light: The Gay Sunshine Anthology: Poetry, Short Fiction, Graphics edited by Winston Leyland; 14. Now the Volcano: An Anthology of Latin American Gay Literature edited by Winston Leyland; 15. Facing It: A Novel of A.I.D.S. by Paul Reed; 16. A Sand Fortress by John Coriolan; 17. Trash: True Revelations and Strange Happenings from 18 Wheeler (Volume 1) edited by John Dagion; 18. Surfer Sex: Gay Encounters from Australia by Rusty Winter. 21 volumes in total.

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