Matsui Fuyuko (Special Hardbound Edition)

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    Deluxe Revised Edition. Signed by Author

    32cm x 32cm. [238] pages, colour illustrations. White cloth, silver lettering, clamshell with black velvet interior and bone clips, publisher’s box. Multilingual, Japanese, English, French, and Chinese, primarily illustrations.

    Deluxe hardbound edition of the works of Japanese painter Matsui Fuyuko (1974-). This is a revised 2 volumes in 1 reissue with additional content of MATSUI FUYUKO I and II, signed in calligraphy by the artist.

    Book and clamshell are in Fine Condition. Publisher’s cardboard box is in Very Good Condition with some minor shelf wear and bumping. Fine Condition.

    $600.00 AUD

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