The Entheogen Review Volume XIV, Number 1

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    First Edition.

    28cm x 21cm. 48 pages. Pictorial saddle-stapled wrappers.

    The Journal of Unauthorized Research on Visionary Plants and Drugs. In this issue: Albert Hofmann speaks, d-LA into d-LSD via PyPOB, Salvia divinorum, the bust of Marc Emery, Galbulimima belgraveana / Agara bark, Absinthe, Acacia obtusifolia, DMT, and more. Contributions by Albert Hofmann, Rick Doblin, Charles Grob, John Halpern, Michael Mithoefer, Dana Larsen, Susan Blackmore, Jonathan Ott, Mulga, David Aardvark, et al.

    . Fine Condition.

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