The Grandmasters #Sh*tf*ckery

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    First Edition.

    28cm x 24cm. 44 pages, colour illustrations. Illustrated saddle-stapled french fold wrappers.

    “Born out of the anger and frustration induced by the Australian Government’s responses to the monumental crises of the last two years, this ’quick response’ publication presents a comic yet profoundly serious investigation into the wiles, evasions, obfuscations and monumental failings of our political masters. Shiels says: ‘This book is for people who can’t stay away from politics even though it affects their mental health. At a time when the actions or inactions of the Morrison government are shaping our future, it’s hard not to want cry, implode with impotence or try to block politics out altogether. The Grandmasters collection of political parodies provides a new way of engaging with the trickery, duplicity and dirty deeds of our current political leaders. The digital collages provide new insights by reprising the historical, allegorical and mythical themes of Old Master painting from the 14th to the 19th Century — times themselves in which political bastardry was pervasive. Combining verbatim quotes extracted from the daily news churn with headshots of the offenders, the behaviours of the powerful are thrown into sharp relief. By injecting satire and humour into contemporary issues such as climate change, Covid, sexual violence against women and gender equality, these images hopefully make it easier to stay vigilant. If we stop paying attention it will only get worse.'” (publisher’s blurb)

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