5 Chemistry Notebooks of Two Victorian School of Mines Teachers

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    24cm x 18cm. 5 notebooks, 3 photographs, 1 postcard letter, related clippings and notescrap. Wrappers.

    5 chemistry notebooks by Daniel Walker, a teacher at the Ballarat School of Mines during the late 19th century and early 20th century, and his son Richard Walker, who also became a teacher of chemistry at the Bendigo School of Mines. The books contain various clippings, but are mostly comprised of manuscript notes, experiments, and formulas, including preparations for opium, quinine, strychnine, and cocaine. Book 1: Various Experiments (1895-1905), containing clippings and notes for various industrial experiments from hair dye and shoe polish to cough mixture and mercury filtration. Book 2: Alkaloids including preparations for a variety of substances; Book 3: Organic Chemistry Experiments, being Scheme for the Detection of Organic Substances by R. G. Walker and Systematic Scheme of Analysis for the Solid B. P. Synthetics; Book 4: Organic Analysis: Notes of Methods by D. Walker, being methods of analysis of alcohol, vegetable oils, mineral oils, and more; Book 5: Commercial Organic Chemistry/Analysis by D. Walker. Laid into each book are additional scraps of notes and clippings as well as a postcard letter and 3 photographs.

    Moderate to heavy handling wear, a couple of the bindings tender. Some volumes with moderate patches of insect damage though overall the text is most readable. Good Condition.


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