A Bibliography of American Natural History: The Pioneer Century, 1769-1865 (3 Volumes)

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    Facsimile Edition.

    21.5cm x 14cm. 244, xii, 741, xii, 749 pages, 3 volumes. Red cloth, gilt lettering

    The Role Played by the Scientific Societies; Scientific Journals; Natural History Museums and Botanic Gardens; State Geological and Natural History Surveys; Federal Exploring Expeditions in the Rise and Progress of American Botany, Geology, Mineralogy, Paleontology and Zoology. Originally published in 1924. v. 1. An annotated bibliography of the publications relating to the history, biography and bibliography of American natural history and to institutions, during colonial times and the pioneer century, which have been published up to 1924; with a classified subject and geographic index; and a bibliography of biographies. v. 2. The institutions which have contributed to the rise and progress of American natural history, which were founded or organized between 1769 and 1844. v. 3. The institutions founded or organized between 1845 and 1865. Bibliography of books. Chronological tables. Index to authors and institutions. Limited edition facsimile of 100 copies.

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