A Bone of Fact (Family Edition)

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    Family Edition.

    30.5cm x 24.5cm. 596, 568 pages, 2 volumes, colour illustrations. Red leatherette, gilt lettering, slipcase.

    “Behold, David’s magnum opus: his memoir, A Bone of Fact (first published in 2014), but embellished beyond belief and transformed into an extravagant new tome, originally conceived as a gift to his family. It’s everything David couldn’t fit into the original: a wealth of heretofore untold opinion, anecdote, scandal and so forth; and the culmination of ten years of Walshian thought and analysis, laid bare for posterity or censure. All this alongside photography from Mona’s history, and pictures of David’s friends and family. And with a fighting weight of more than 1100 pages, it’s so big we had to slice it up into two volumes.” (publisher’s blurb)

    Small closed tear to one edge of slipcase. Near Fine Condition.