A Devil Pokes The Actor: Frankly Acting 2

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    First Edition.

    21cm x 14cm. [vii], 371 pages, black and white photographs. Pictorial wrappers.

    “This is the second book about actor training by John Nobbs. The first, Frankly Acting, outlined the early development of the Frank Suzuki Performance Aesthetics (FSPA), as a western variant and translation of the classic Suzuki Actor Training Method (SATM). This devil’s logbook is a series of 25 provocations that poke further and deeper into the alchemical triggers and mechanisms that inform the one true actor training system originally devised by Tadashi Suzuki. Interspersed throughout the 25 provocations are revelations by some of the many actors that have used the FSPA to develop their acting spirit. Tadashi Suzuki, the inventor of the SATM, has stated that he believes that the training is not just for the actor’s craft, but that it should be a creative tool for making theatre performances . The FSPA follows on the traces of that purpose, and this book outlines its importance as the creative onestop shop of Ozfrank Theatre Matrix. It includes examples, with colour photographs, that illustrate how Ozfrank director Jacqui Carroll uses the FSPA to impel her productions.” (publisher’s blurb)

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