Archery: How to Make Bows and Arrows and Accessories, and How to Shoot the Bow

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    Facsimile Edition.

    19cm x 13cm. 76 pages. Illustrated wrappers.

    Hidden behind that impenetrable curtain of time drawn by the ages, lies the story of the origin of the bow. The question which came first to man, fire or the bow, will probably never be answered, but stone arrow heads have been found that indicate that the history of the bow goes back for at least 25,000 years. So begins this treatise on archery compiled by Fred C. Mills for the Boy Scouts of America in 1929. We thought you might like this little gem even if it is a little old and out of date. Rambo probably knew how to make his own bow long before he thought of using exploding arrow heads to rain fiery death upon his enemies. Enjoy (responsibly)!

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