Beating the Benzo Blues

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    23cm x 15cm. 60 pages. Illustrated wrappers.

    “This book is an easy to follow, three-step guide, to help you safely detox off benzodiazepines with minimal stress and disruption to your daily life. It will first will help you identify whether benzodiazepine addiction is present and then how to slowly detox off them. It is aimed at both individuals and health practitioners. Benzodiazepines were introduced in the 50s, and falsely marketed as virtually non-addictive drugs for psychic tension. Time has proven otherwise and these drugs, are now known to be highly addictive and responsible for perhaps, one of the worst medical blunders in history. Many people taking benzos, usually prescribed for sleep or anxiety, may be unaware they’re even addicted and consequently might attribute their withdrawal symptoms to something else entirely. Dale Carruth is an addiction counsellor and educator. This book is a result of many years of clinical practise, research and observation in both private practise and working for Tranx Services, New Zealand, a counselling and detoxification service, dedicated to prescription medication addiction.” (publisher’s blurb)

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