Boat Club Dance Poster [April 27th, 1929]

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    28cm x 19.5cm. Single sheet.

    A handdrawn poster for the University of Queensland Boat Club Dance, 27th April, 1929, with an unusual medically themed pitch: “Would you like your friends to know that you were suffering from CEREBRAL ANAEMIA with its hideous symptoms, facial contortions and and the uncontrollable dropping of the maxilla? An the insidious thing about it is that before the sufferer is aware the disease has achieved his decapitation. But, there is no need to lose your head; the Boat Club Dance provides a swift and thoroughly permanent cure at a trifling cost. For though you may stand open-mouthed on first seeing the coruscating splendour of the decorations: and the bilious luxury of the supper, you will be in no danger from Yawning your head off: And such will be your entertainment that you will never yawn again after April 27th.” In pencil at the tail of the poster in pencil has been added “Rigor mortis will have set in.”

    Minor creasing, tanning, and foxing. Pinholes to corners. Good Condition.


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