Body and Soul: An Aboriginal View

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    First Edition.

    25cm x 17.5cm. xxvi, 308 pages, 1 map (laid in). Brown cloth, gilt lettering, illustrated jacket.

    “This extraordinary book describes the conceptualisation of the human body, soul, and health at the Kukatja people, who now live at Balgo, in the far north of Western Australia. It is without a doubt the best book I have read in the past two decades on any topic concerning Australian Aborigines. Packed with absolutely fascinating and new information, it also makes a challenging read; the effort required is, however, amply rewarded. .. The book is aimed primarily at the medical practitioners working in the Aboriginal communities. .. To date, this book represents the only attempt to put together an account of the views of an Aboriginal people concerning the body, its functioning, health, medical practices, and the soul or spirit, showing how these fit together as a coherent system of knowledge.” (W.B. McGregor, Anthropos 1999 1/3)

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