Brisbane: The Aboriginal Presence, 1824-1860

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    Second Edition.

    23cm x 15cm. xvi, 184 pages, map, photographs, illustrations, some colour. Pictorial wrappers.

    Brisbane History Group Papers No. 11, with papers by Raymond Evans, Rod Fisher, Libby Connors, John Mackenzie-Smith, Denis Cryle, and Ray Kerkhove. Edited by Rod Fisher and Barry Shaw. “The papers provide overviews of race relations during each of these periods, and highlight various themes, including: Aboriginal occupation before European settlement; The impact of European settlement; Reciprocal attitudes and relations; Aboriginal resistance and European repression; Sexual relations between Aborigines and Europeans; The role of law, administration and the press; Aborigines in the local economy; The failure of assimilation; The fate of local clans. These themes are illustrated by numerous incidents and case studies including: The observations of explorers, missionaries and administrators; Convict, runaway and settler experiences; Violent clashes on Stradbroke Island in 1831–32; Aboriginal hangings between 1841 and 1859; Unrest in the ‘suburbs’ during the late 1840s to 1850s; Squatters, Governor Gipps and the Kilcoy poisonings between 1841 and 1843; The white raid on Yorks Hollow camp in 1846; And the police attack on Breakfast Creek camps in 1846.” (publisher’s blurb)

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