Dating AI: A Guide to Falling In Love with Artificial Intelligence

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    First Edition.

    23cm x 15cm. vii, 305 pages, black and white illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

    “If you liked the movie HER with Joaquin Phoenix, then you’ll **LOVE** DATING A.I., the RE/Search Guide to Dating Artificial Intelligence! And, this book is truly educational with a lot of actual information about A.I. presented in an entertaining way. Section 1, “Are you ready to fall in love with a machine?” explains what you’ll need to know to engage romantically with AI (including similarities and differences). Section 2, “You are ready, now what?” helps interested humans prepare to date AI. Section 3, “Establishing a relationship” covers the complicated mix of human and AI needs in a relationship, including power dynamics and acceptable behavior. Section 4, “Getting over a breakup (or merger)” explains some of the legal and economic fallout that could result from the demise of an human-AI breakup.” (publisher’s blurb)

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