Distant Intimacy

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    First Edition.

    11cm x 16cm. [300] pages, colour illustrations. Ring bound.

    Photo series of documenting intimacy at a distance during the global pandemic of the early 21st century. “I want to photograph you from distance. On your phone/laptop, you will turn the video call on and I will be there with my camera. In your kitchen, on your bed, at your window–wherever you like. I would like you to be naked or as undressed as you’re comfortable to be. For the first picture, I will be dressed; for the next one, I will be naked; for the last one you will be dressed and I will still be naked. I will sometimes appear on the final picture, sometimes not fully and sometimes not at all. Get comfortable, it’s about getting closer from distance, sharing an intimate moment in a safe environment. I know I’m asking a lot, but please, trust me, we’re in this together.” (Marie Dehe)

    . New Book.

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