Film Books: A Visual History

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    First Edition.

    31cm x 23.5cm. xxii, 242 pages, colour illustrations. Grey cloth, black lettering, illustrated jacket.

    “Film Books: A Visual History covers cinema literature from 1895 until the present day. It comprises a 20-page introduction, 140 brief essays on major film books, 360 bibliographical descriptions, and more than 200 colour illustrations. The introduction presents a detailed historical analysis of cinema literature, emphasizing the importance of film books in the history of motion pictures. As the author writes, “film books are cherished today because they are among the main protagonists of cinema history, not a mere appendix to it. They have in fact played a primordial role in the technical and aesthetic evolution of motion pictures — a role that has been regrettably underestimated.” Individual entries examine the relevance of a particular film book, both in content and design, and include one or more illustrations of dust jackets, book covers, page layouts, and film stills. Among the books discussed are Auguste and Louis Lumière’s Notice sur le Cinématographe (1897), Hans Richter’s Filmgegner von Heute, Filmfreunde von Morgen (1929), Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s The Last Tycoon (1941), Siegfried Kracauer’s From Caligari to Hitler (1947), Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylone (1959), François Truffaut’s Le Cinéma selon Hitchcock (1966), and Andrew Sarris’ The American Cinema (1968), just to name a few. This work is the first truly comprehensive study of film books and the perfect complement to previous bibliographical listings of cinema literature. The authors approach reflects his knowledge and expertise, as well as the growing interest in film books at an international level. Film Books: A Visual History is written for scholars, film critics, art historians, designers, and moviegoers and it will soon become an indispensable tool for film librarians and book collectors worldwide. Any reader interested in cultural studies in general will find it an important and timely work.” (publisher’s blurb)

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