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    First Edition.

    32.5cm x 24cm. 136 pages, colour illustrations. White cloth, black lettering, pictorial onlay.

    “Over the last five years, Norwegian artist Fin Serck-Hanssen followed and documented the gender transitioning journey of close friend Hedda, who from her early twenties travelled from Oslo to Buenos Aires and Bangkok to undergo cosmetic surgeries and a vaginoplasty. Serck-Hansen and Hedda’s images are made collaboratively to build a complex portrait of both physical and psychological change within a young person’s life, and show with unflinching honesty the realities of Hedda’s transitioning, surgeries, and recovery. Hedda reflects on the psychological construction of identity in the 21st century, mixing her selfies and curation of an online identity against Serck-Hansen’s tender but direct portraiture of her most vulnerable moments.” (publisher’s blurb)

    . New Book.

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