How to Get the Man of Your Dreams

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    First Edition.

    21.5cm x 14cm. 141 pages. Pictorial wrappers.

    “Where have all the good men gone and how can you find them? Why do so many young women endure a series of average relationships that go nowhere leaving them feeling used and hurt? Why are so many guys behaving like big kids trapped in men’s bodies? How can you avoid them and find the kind of relationship you have always dreamed of? Despite a massive growth in speed dating, social media and dating websites, so many young women are still settling for so much less than what their hearts truly desire. Is there anything you can do to find the relationship you have always wanted? How to Get the Man of Your Dreams is a powerful exploration of what might be going wrong and what women just like you can do about it.” (from rear cover) Unrecorded in OCLC.

    . Fine Condition.

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