[If There is Dynamite in You Here is] The Fuse

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    First Edition.

    19cm x 14cm. [8], 110, [6] pages. Lettered wrappers.

    Novel pseudonymously authored by polymath Alva La Salle (Beau) Kitselman (1914-1980). Kitselman was a scientist, engineer, and computer programmer who worked for the Department of Defense during World War 2, worked at Cal Tech, lectured during the 1950s on psychochemistry and psychedelics, and distributed tapes and texts through his Translator’s Press and Institute of Integration. He was an early associate of L. Ron Hubbard and later developed his own system, E-therapy. The Fuse follows Jedidiah Strong (a “builder of persons” who works with “creatives” from Hollywood and New York) and decides the “most intelligent thing to do” is coax three women he finds watching him into a sexual relationship. Strong takes the three to Nevada where they rub elbows with stars in a secret society called the Intelligence. An author’s note concludes the work “This book was written in the hope of finding friends for the Intelligence, which is real, though not yet (January 1946) as large as herein described”) and criticises the 1946 atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll (“At a time when one of the world’s most respected governments is planning an experiment (exploding an atomic bomb under water) which is likely to cause more death and destruction than did both world wars, the Intelligence needs friends”). This first edition unrecorded in OCLC, a new reprint published by disciples of Randolph Stone appearing in the mid 2010s. This copy with a cancelled New York address in imprint and Sutcliffe, Nevada stamped.

    Minor tanning to spine. Near Fine Condition.

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