Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales

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    Facsimile Edition.
    46cm x 31.5cm. 226 pages, frontispiece, 65 coloured plates from the hand coloured originals, and 65 uncoloured plates from an original uncoloured copy. Full green goatskin leather, gilt lettering, all edges gilt.

    Edition of 212 numbered copies, 200 only for sale, this being one of 40 deluxe copies with the plates in both coloured and uncoloured states. This sumptuous new edition is reprinted with the text entirely reset in Garamond, attractively printed in black, red, and green, and the plates enlarged by 50%. The plates, by Sarah Stone, F. P. Nodder, and other fine artists comprise 29 of birds (including splendid parrots), 10 of reptiles and amphibians, 7 mammals (marsupials and the Dingo), 6 of fishes, 9 of plants (including magnificent Banksias), 2 of invertebrates, and 2 of Aboriginal weapons and artefacts. In the original edition the leaf Hh4 is cancelled in some copies with a variant text describing in the cancelled state a description of the Wattled Bee-Eater, or Merops, Female and in the uncancelled state a description of the male bird. Both texts have been reproduced here and there are some bibliographical and publishing notes appended. This was the first natural history book on Australia of any significance to be published after the arrival of the First Fleet and has never before been republished with the plates in colour. Edition Renard was awarded two Gold Medals at the 20th National Print Awards, and a Certificate of Manufacturing Excellence of the Victorian Manufacturers Hall of Fame for this book, the first publication under the imprint.

    Fine Condition.

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