Logical Unsanity: Literal Arts Journal (Issue 3, Spring 2008)

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    ISSN: 1836-4535. A collection of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and contemporary surreal, fantastic, and psychedelic artwork, edited by Yarran L. Jenkins. Featuring the words of Terry Bisson, Alex Downs, Johhn Sacelli, Joshua Beane, Hakim Bey, Yarran Jenkins, Karen Mezentsef, James Joehnline, David Mankey, Kirk A. C. Marshall, Tad Padaguan, Ben Walker, Charles Eisenstein, Shayne Keyles, David Beris Edwards, Sarah Kelly, and Brooke Alexander. The artworks of Joseph Larkin, Roy Villalobos, Ian Pyper, RIchard Powell, Jon Beinart, Kain White, Leszek Kostuj, Leou Leou, David Mankey, Cameron Gray, Bruce Rimell, Kenneth Appleby, Andrea Trenbeath Lowen, Sarah Elston, and Daniel Worth.

    Book is in Very Good condition, by which we mean it has light marks of age and/or wear from light handling, but is still a desirable copy. Very Good Condition.

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