Maggie and Charley Santo: The History of the Santo Family of Charters Towers

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    First Edition.

    22cm x 17cm. 64 pages, map, black and white photographs. Pictorial wrappers.

    “This book gives a brief outline of the lives of Charley Cupid Santo, a South Sea Islander and Maggie Tonton a Gudjal woman from north Queensland and their family. The journey of Charley and how he with his father and perhaps other family members, the adversity they’ve faced throughout their endless working life. Therefore, there are many gaps in the known history of Maggie and Charley and their descendants. This book has attempted to fill in some of the gaps of their story, with dates, names and places but there are still many aspects of their history that we do not know. In spite of this my great-grandparents whose lives cannot be understood or comprehended until you understand their past and the political surroundings they were born, lived and died in.” (publisher’s blurb)

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