Making Impressions: Women in Printing and Publishing

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    First Edition.

    25.5cm x 18cm. [x], 327 pages, colour illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

    A collection of essays on gender and the printing arts, being: Women and Widows: Invisible Printers by Christine N. Moog; Elizabeth Holt and the Early Modern Women Imprinting the Mind of Man by Mirando Garno Nesler; Detangling the Medusa in Early American Printing History by Dianne L. Roman; Women’s Work in the 19th-Century Economy of Pornography by E. Haven Hawley; Potluck Books and the Women of the Distaff Side by Kathleen A. Walkup; Case Studies: How a Generation of Women Came to Printing by Karen Holmberg; The Visual Vocabulary of Pochoir in La Prose du Transsiberien: Sonia Delaunay, Nathalie Couderc, and Christine Menguy by Kitty Maryatt; and Cita: A Feminist Open-Access Digital Library and Print-on-Demand by Juliana Castro Varon. Edited by Cathleen A. Baker and Rebecca M. Chung.

    . New Book.

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