On The Banned Wagon

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    Original Artwork.

    21cm x 38cm (paper size), 26cm x 40.5cm (board size). Original drawing mounted on board.

    An original cartoon drawing by Australian-American artist Pat Oliphant (1935-) It depicts an author at his typewriter, two policeman, one with handcuffs and a BANNED stamp in his pocket, looking over his shoulder. The cartoon is captioned “We Just called by to see how the new book is coming along.” A small penguin stands on the corner of the desk with another small officer rifling through his papers, the penguin says “Pornograph? I haven’t even got a pornograph!” Fairy tale titled books line the shelves atop which sits three well endowed statues of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Signed to the top right by the obscene Rat & pornography purveyor Pat Oliphant.

    The drawing is in Very Good Condition with a little marking along the top edge. The board is worn and missing a corner. Good Condition.


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