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    First Edition.

    43cm x 28.5cm (folded to 29cm x 21cm). 9 volumes illustrations. Newsprint folded self wrappers.

    A complete set of the short running (9 issue) Berkeley (California) underground newspaper, Organ. A bizarre mix of left and right politics, underground comix, and early 1970s American hippies, yippies, neopaganism, sex, drugs, and a general sense of counterculture. Features Satty, Robert Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Allen Ginsberg, The Cockettes, Heroin in the Military, Jerry Lee Lewis, Communes, Kenneth Anger, Dope Tales, Transsexuality, occultism, politics, motorcyles, Jerry Garcia, Lovecraft, and lots more.

    Fold lines as issued. Minor handling wear and tanning. Near Fine Condition.