Orgies of the Hemp Eaters: Cuisine, Slang, Literature & Ritual of Cannabis Culture

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    First Edition.

    “The first and main theme of this book was always intended to be Cannabis spirituality.” So write Hakim Bey and Abel Zug, who have here compiled a remarkable, exhaustive literature of Cannabis’s place in the Old World; that is, in ancient and even prehistoric civilizations. As well as including numerous scientific, bibliographical and historical writings, it contains an array of interviews, rants, photos, recipes, cookbooks, rituals, trip tales, poems, art, literature, lyrics, reviews, and four Cannabis glossaries. Commentaries by Baudelaire, Dumas, Ginsberg, Nietzsche, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley and more are also included. In short, everything you could possibly want to know about Cannabis’s place in the premodern world is here.

    Book is in Good condition, by which we mean it has marks of age and is well worn from handling, but is still intact and good for reading. Good Condition.