Out of Control: A Journal of Abiotic Vampirism (7 Volumes)

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    22cm x 14cm and 14cm x 11cm. 7 volumes. Illustrated saddle-stapled self-wrappers.

    A complete set of Out of Control. Essays, found illustrations, and philosophical musings on such topics as Technophobic Delusions In Schizoprenia, Electromagnetic Harassment and the Influencing Machine, Compulsive Hoarding and Prodigious Amassments of Crap, Parasites and the Blind Idiot God, Eleutherion: European Intellectual History as a Struggle Against Christianity, A Further Refutation of Time, Hronir, The Vac Siddhi, Lure of the Lost, and Future Defective.

    . Fine Condition.


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