Panparadox: Pan Towards Chaos

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    Second Edition.

    20.5cm x 13cm. 208 pages, black and white illustrations. Black cloth, silver lettering.

    Embodies philosophy and mysticism around the misrepresented contemptuous god and black magical Chaos-philosophy. “Panparadox belongs to very early writings of Vexior (the author of Gullveigrbok and Thursakyngi under the name Ekortu), and it is his legacy born from his burning thirst for the gaining of knowledge from the Underworld and the realms of Chaos. PAN was Vexior’s first guide upon the path towards the Beyond.” (publishers blurb) This second edition contains a previously unpublished chapter entitled The Flaming Nexus. Numbered edition of 430 copies, of which this is number 361.

    . Fine Condition.


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