Researches, Chemical and Philosophical, Chiefly Concerning Nitrous Oxide, or Dephlogisticated Nitrous Air, and Its Respiration

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    Collected Works Edition.

    21cm x 12.5cm. xvi, 343 pages, frontispiece. Blue cloth, gilt lettering.

    The Collected Works of Sir Humphry Davy edited by his brother, John Davy, Vol. III: Researches, Chiefly Concerning Nitrous Oxide. First published in 1800, when Davy was only 22, outlining his experiments with nitrous, coining the term laughing gas, and suggesting to its anesthetic qualities, which were not regularly used in medicine for many years to come. An early edition of a landmark work in chemistry and anesthesia.

    Ex-Pharmaceutical Library of Great Britain Library, plain cloth library binding signed Weeks & Co., London, stamps. Minor shelf and handling wear. Very minor tanning, occasional minor foxing. Good Condition.

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