Tarosophy: Tarot to Engage Life, Not Escape It

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    Second Edition in English. Signed by Author

    23cm x 17cm. xxv, 330 pages, black and white illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

    “Based upon 30 years of studying, reading and teaching tarot, more than 10,000 face-to-face readings and extensive research in the field, Marcus Katz successfully combines academic rigour with invaluable practical experience and breathtaking originality. Suitable for all tarot readers – from absolute beginners to experienced professionals – Tarosophy is written in three sections: basic tarot in a new light for the beginning Tarosophist, intermediate tarot in a magical light for the enquiring Tarosophist, and advanced tarot in a spiritual light for the progressive Tarosophist. From terminology and technique, to reading and spreads, inner work and trees, Tarosophy encapsulates the wisdom of tarot as a living, divine art and science; a dynamic interface between awareness and appearance, and a system to observe, tie and untie the ‘secret knots’ that bind the world. With 50 unique exercises, in excess of 50 illustrations, extensive footnotes, and detailed reading lists, there are more new tarot ideas on any given page of Tarosophy than in some entire texts on the subject.” (publisher’s blurb) This copy with a laid in presentation bookplate signed by the author.

    . Fine Condition.

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