Tart Cards: London’s Illicit Advertising Art

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    Special Limited Edition. Signed by Author

    26cm x 20cm. [viii], 118 pages, colour illustrations, 49 loose cards, 2 loose sheets. Pink and black cloth, black lace art binding, black lettered cloth box.

    A detailed study of London sex work advertisements based on Caroline Archer’s collection of tart cards and interviews with printers, designers, artists, prostitutes, punters, and pimps. The practice of tart cards, originating in the 1960s became prevalent in the United Kingdom throughout the 1980s and onward. Outlawed in 2001 the practice continues today. In the early 2000s it is estimated over 10 million tart cards were being distributed annually. This is one of a special limited edition of 60 copies bound in a pink and black lace art binding and containing 45 original tart cards, 4 promotional postcards, and 2 blurb sheets, one of which is signed by the author, housed in a cloth box. Written by Caroline Archer. Photography by Rob Clayton. Binding concept by Nicole Recchia, produced by Richard Minsky.

    Very minor crease to one corner of a single tart card in the rear pocket, no other defects. Near Fine Condition.

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