The Big Win

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    First Edition.

    The Marquis de Sade and Hermann Hesse collaborating on science fiction-this is the effect of Jimmy Miller’s wild, brilliantly inventive ‘The Big Win’. The time is A.D. 2004, thirteen years after the virtual depopulation of the United States and Russia in the Chinese poison plague of 1991, and the French nuclear counterstrike on the Chinese mainland. In New York, the Richies (who survived by hiding in their mansions), now bored with perpetual Maypole dancing and snow galas in Central Park, have invented The Game, in which every day one victim Poory is killed, and one winning Poory showered with gold coins. In France (now the only world power) an incest-based New Aristocracy garnishes its naked daughters with Bearnaise and pate a choux and serves them up at petit dejeuner orgies. On Venus, an almost androgynous colony of freaked-out hippies, colours the grey landscape with its own LSD visions. From these three worlds come the hunt buddies-Gerry, the tough New York Poory; Nicole, the exquisite Parisian orgy-aristocrat, and Frankly, the gentle Venus hippy; banded together in a search for the greatest of the missing Chinese war criminals: Suan N.Y.. Their hunt takes them from the Canary Islands to Yucatan to Guatemala City to Siberia, and finally to the penal planet Mercury, where all clues and harrowing adventures have led, and where each makes, in their own way, their big win. “Profoundly funny . . . wholly original, tough, affectionately bawdy” – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

    Small mark and stain from sticker removal on front endpaper. Very Good Condition.


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