The Gay Seventies

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    First Edition.

    31cm x 26cm. 110 pages, black and white photographs. Lettered matte papered boards.

    “Hal Fischer: The Gay Seventies is the first monograph to feature the complete set of photo-text works that Hal Fischer produced between 1977 and 1979 in San Francisco’s Haight and Castro neighbourhoods. The book brings together, for the first time in nearly four decades, Fischer’s major photo-text investigations of gay life in late 1970s San Francisco. Unapologetic, humorous, periodically subversive and conceptually driven, Fischer’s photo-text investigations continue to engage and amuse audiences. As the work demonstrates, the late 1970s–after Stonewall and before AIDS–was a magical moment to be young and gay in San Francisco.” (publisher’s blurb)

    . New Book.


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