The Growing Up

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    First Edition.

    21.5cm x 14cm. vi, 129 pages, black and white illustrations. Pictorial wrappers.

    “The Growing Up, a country girl remembers, is not just a collection of memories but an inspiring recitation of the joy of life achieved under harsh conditions but supported with love. The love family, friends, her Fairy and of the land itself. All the stories happened and are the memories of a girlhood spent growing up in the south-west of Western Australia, with an introductory section on early memories of life in England during and after World War I. Life in Australia as early pioneers was a startling contrast to that early life. It was a time of much hardship, hard work, learning, surprise, resilience and fun. The reader can empathise with the experiences of Katherine as she becomes a fine example of Australian womanhood.” (publisher’s blurb)

    . Fine Condition.