The Luxury of the Four Stream Needle Shower

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    15.5cm x 11.5cm. 24 pages, black and white illustrations. Illustrated saddle stapled wrappers.

    The benefits of the four head shower invented by Mr. A. E. Kenney are many: the year around way to start your day; send you down to your office feeling like a boy; no longer confined to the rich man’s home; the only curtainless shower; the price is low as you don’t have to tear the walls out to install; stimulates your whole system without shock to the head; no rubber cap needed to keep your hair dry and so prevents hair thinning, dandruff and catarrh; takes up no room; fits any bath tub. Unfortunately it doesn’t put out the cat or turn off the lights. This copy with the stamp of the sales Agent Wm. B. McMahon, Troy, New York, stating a free 5 day trial to the wrappers front panel.

    Minor soiling to wrappers. Vertical creasing to wrappers front panel. Very Good Condition.

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