The [Rainbow] Fairy Books (12 Volumes)

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    26cm x 19cm. 12 volumes. Illustrated cloth, slipcases.

    A complete set of The Folio Society edition of Andrew Lang’s Rainbow Fairy Books. Lang’s original fairy books were compilations of fairy tales from around the world, many appearing in English for the first time, and were extremely influential on the English imagination in the late 19th and early 20th century. This set is one of The Folio Society’s most sought after productions with the later volumes in the series printed in smaller numbers, and with all volumes except Blue out of print and difficult to obtain. The books are bound in the usual Folio style with elaborately designed cloth covers in slipcases, and each volume with newly commissioned illustrations by: Blue: Charles van Sandwyk, Red: Niroot Puttapipat, Green: Julian de Narvaez, Yellow: Danuta Mayer, Pink: Debra McFarlane, Grey: Lauren Nassef, Violet: Bob Venables, Crimson: Tim Stevens, Brown: Omar Rayyan, Orange: Tomislav Tomic, Olive: Kate Baylay, and Lilac: Caitlin Hackett.

    All unopened in the original Folio shrinkwrap seal with Folio Prize stickers. All in Fine Condition, and in like slipcases bar the Crimson and Orange which have the slightest of bumps to one tail fore-edge corner. Near Fine Condition.

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