The Sprinkle Salon Newsletter #1

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    First Edition. Signed by Author

    28cm x 21.5cm. [2] pages. Single yellow sheet.

    A short communication from the desk of Annie Sprinkle. Written shortly after receiving her Fine Arts degree majoring in photography from Tufts in 1986. Recounts sharehousing in New York with American tattoo artist Spider Webb and photographing his clients in his studio (their kitchen), including Harvey Kaitel, Tiny Tim, and Jennifer Blowdryer. Also tells of Gloria Leonard, Veronica Hart, Veronica Vera, Candid Royalle, Dennis Florio, the death of her kitten, and more. Signed Annie in pink marker. Annie Sprinkle (1954-) is an American sex worker cum sexologist, artist, and ecosexualist. In 1996 she became the first known porn star to get a doctoral degree and has been a champion of sex education and sex-positive feminism.

    Central horizontal and vertical folds. Minor wear. Very Good Condition.


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