The Traveller’s Library (41 Books in 15 Volumes)

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    41 Books bound in 15 Volumes (Not numbered, dated from 1852-1856). Uniform Half Leather. Gold tooling to spine. Raised bands. Blind ruled corners and edges. Marbled boards, full edges, and endpapers. Longman’s Traveller’s Library offered many reprints of Travel books. Some First Editions, or First in their form or translation, Some New Editions, some reprinted with additions from the Edinburgh Review. This set includes: Vol. 1: A Lady’s Voyage Round The World: A Selected Translation from the German of Ida Pfeiffer by Mrs. Percy Sinnet (1852); Eothen (1854). Vol. 2: Daniel De Foe and Charles Churchill by John Forster (1855); History Of My Youth by Francis Arago (1855); Printing: Its Antecedents, Origin, History, and Results by Adam Stark (1855). Vol. 3: Lord Bacon by Thomas Babington Macaulay (1852); Electricity and The Electric Telegraph: Together with the Chemistry of the Stars; an argument touching the stars and their inhabitants by George Wilson (1854); Pictures from St. Petersburg by Edward Jerrmann, Translated from the original German by Frederick Hardman (1853). Vol. 4: The Life of Marshal Turenne by T. Oswald Cockayne; Our Coal and Our Coal-Pits; The People in them, and the scenes around them by A Traveller Underground (1854); Tour On The Continent, by Rail and Road, In The Summer of 1852, Through Northern Germany, Austria, Tyrol, Austrian Lombardy, &c. by John Barrow, Includes fold-out map (1853). Vol. 5: Ferdinand I. And Maximlian II. Of Austria: An Essay on the Political and Religious State of Germany Immediately After The Reformation by Leopold Ranke, Translated from the German by Lady Duff Gordon (1853); Memoirs of a Maitre D’Armes; or, Eighteen Months at St. Petersburg by Alexandre Dumas, Translated from the French by The Marquis of Ormonde (1854); Lord Byron by Thomas Babington Macaulay (1853); Comic Dramatists of the Restoration by Thomas Babington Macaulay (1853). Vol. 6: Corsica in its Picturesque, Social, and Historical Aspects: The Record of a Tour in the Summer of 1852 by Ferdinand Gregorovius, Translated from the German by Russell Martineau (1855). Vol. 7: Frederic The Great by Thomas Babington Macaulay (1855); A Visit to the Vaudois of Piedmont by Edward Baines (1855); Railway Morals & Railway Policy by Herbert Spencer (1855); Pictures of Cuba by William H. Hurlbut (1855). Vol. 8: Russia by The Marquis de Custine, Abridged from the French (1855). Vol. 9: Selections From The Writings of The Rev. Sydney Smith (Vol. 1) by Sydney Smith (1855); Selections From The Writings of The Rev. Sydney Smith (Vol. 2) by Sydney Smith (1854). Vol. 10: Sketches in Canada, and Rambles Among The Red Men by Mrs. Jameson (1852); Britanny And The Bible: with Remarks on the French People and Their Affairs by I. Hope (1852); The Natural History of Creation by T. Lindley Kemp (1855). Vol. 11: Narrative of the Niger, Tshadda, & Binue Exploration: including A Report on the Position and Prospects of Trade Up Those Rivers, with Remarks on the Malaria and Fevers of Western Africa by T. J. Hutchinson, Includes fold-out map (1855); Brazil Viewed Through A Naval Glass: with Notes on Slavery and the Slave Trade by Edward Wilberforce (1856). Vol. 12: The Russians of the South by Shirley Brooks (1854); Indications of Instinct (A sequel to “The Natural History of Creation”) by T. Lindley Kemp (1854); Adventures in the Wilds of North America by Charles Lanman; edited by Charles Richard Weld (1854). Vol. 13: Memoirs of the late Thomas Holcroft (1852); African Wanderings; or, An Expedition From Sennaar to Taka, Basa, and Beni-Amer, with a particular glance at The Races of Bellad Sudan by Ferdinand Werne, Translated from the German by J. R. Johnston (1852). Vol. 14: Swiss Men and Swiss Mountains by Robert Ferguson (1853); Twenty Years In The Philippines by Paul de la Gironiere, Abridged from the original French by Frederick Hardman (1853); Turkey and Christendom: An Historical Sketch of the Relations Between the Ottoman Empire and the States of Europe (1854); Confessions of a Working Man by Emile Souvestre (1855). Vol. 15: Nordurfari: or, Rambles in Iceland by Pliny Miles (1854); Lord Chesterfield: His Life, Character, and Opinions. And George Selwyn: His Life and Times by A. Hayward (1854); Voyages and Discoveries in the Arctic Regions by F. Mayne (1855).

    Very Good Minus Condition.

    Set is in Very Good condition, by which we mean it has light marks of age and/or wear from light handling, but is still a desirable copy. Very Good Condition.

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