The Word of the Old Testament Explained (9 Volumes)

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    First Edition.

    23.5cm x 16cm. li, 462, [iv], 549, [iv], 579, [iv], 553, [iv], 500, [iv], 280, [iv], 609, [iv], 441, [iv], 229 pages, 9 volumes. Green cloth, gilt lettering.

    A Posthumous Work by Emanuel Swedenborg. v. 9 is an index and has 2 black and white illustrations. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 – 1772) was a Swedish mystic, theologian, philosopher, and scientist. After a successful career as a scientist and inventor, at the age of 53 he had a revelation that Jesus had chosen him to write ‘The Heavenly Doctrine’ to reform Christianity. He published 18 theological works before his death which he predicted. His writings have been very influential around the world, with The New Church or Swedenborgism being founded in 1787. It is still present around Australia.

    4 volumes have very minor markings on the spine cloth. A couple have very minor foxing to the endpapers or top edge. Near Fine Condition.


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