Theory of High Dilutions: Application to Life

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    24cm x 15cm. 122 pages. Illustrated wrappers.

    “Like General Relativity that got rid of absolute time, Homoeopathy … belongs to the field of quantum physics and not to the field of chemistry.” Taken from the back cover of this slim volume on the “infinitesimal dilutions” required to create homeopathic remedies, this quote provides a clear idea of this book’s content and aim. Proposing theory for the practice of homeopathy, this book argues that homeopathic remedies work by altering “the vital force” through provoking “a discontinuity in the spatio-temporal continuum”. For anyone looking to understand the theories behind one of the most controversial forms of medicine, look no further.

    Minor shelf wear with very light bumping to fore-edge corners. Very Good Condition.

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