Transformations: Healing Trauma with Psychedelic Therapy

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    23cm x 15cm. viii, 297 pages. Illustrated wrappers.

    “MDMA, PSILOCYBIN, AYAHUASCA: what compelled twenty-two middle-class Australian people to share their unique and riveting stories about their participation in forty illegal psychedelic therapy sessions? How did this therapy transform them? How does one even find a an underground therapist? Transformations; is a must-read for anyone suffering from trauma or other psychological difficulties and is contemplating a psychedelic solution. It’s also a rare font of knowledge for future psychedelic therapists, providing tried-and-tested treatment protocols and procedures. Psychedelic research has made a meteoric comeback and projects testing the potential for psychedelics to treat mental illness are taking place worldwide. Dale Carruth has emerged from the underground to reveal research she’s been quietly conducting for years. She flew to Australia in 2017 to take part in illegal psychedelic therapy in the hope of healing her debilitating PTSD symptoms. After profound and effective healing, Carruth, a qualified therapist, felt obliged to help others do the same.” (publisher’s blurb)

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