Tuesday’s Child

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    First Thus.

    28cm x 22cm. 170 pages, black and white illustrations. Illustrated wrappers.

    “Tuesday’s Child was a short-lived “ecumenical, educational newspaper for the Los Angeles occult underground” published in Hollywood between November 1969 and May 1970. This ragtag weekly produced an eclectic and electric array of material: exposes on CIA activity in LA, a run-in with the Coast Guard at Alcatraz, lurid cartoons, demonology lessons, tips on starting your own coven – all threaded in an acerbic, lysergic vein. Tuesday’s Child is also notable for its heady admixture of sex, politics, and mysticism. Its pages often feature first-hand reportage of happenings in the Greater LA queer community (“GAY POWER STUNS HOLLYWOOD”, Volume 1, Issue 5) as well as copious inches to kinky classifieds, personals, and erotic horoscopes. Fifty years on, this volume stands as the tabloid’s first complete physical compilation and a fascinating primary perspective on some of the most tumultuous times in American history.” (publisher’s blurb)

    . Fine Condition.


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