Wave: The Coffee Table Tabloid Volume 1 Number 1

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    First Edition.

    29cm x 18cm. 24 pages, illustrations, some colour. Folded newspaper print self-wrappers.

    First and, despite the advertisement for a 12 issue a year subscription, presumed only issue of Wave, a small format New York art tabloid. Features on Chuck Berry, a review of Midnight Express and discussion of marijuana laws as well as advertisements for NORML, John Waters, poems by Steve Becker, the burial of Jack Teitelbaum by Peter Andros, 2 page promotion of Tee Corinne’s Cunt Coloring Book, art by Mark Beyer and Buster Cleveland, photographs by Stu Chernoff, and more. Scarce, 2 copies recorded in OCLC.

    . Fine Condition.


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