Ancient Greek: A Structural Programme

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    Revised Edition.

    Compiled by two professors of linguistics and classics at McGill University, this two-volume compendium is “a self-instructional text containing all the information a student needs to do a language laboratory.” In this case, the language is Ancient Greek, the language of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the great original dramatic comedies and tragedies. Specifically, this compendium teaches a dialect known as Attic, used by educated Athenians during the 4th century BC, and is based on the Symposium of Plato and the Euthyphro of Xenophon. For any aspiring student of this classic language.

    Text contains notes and marks in pencil and ink throughout Volume1. Volume 2 contains minor notes and marks in pencil and ink. Contains extra looseleaf printed matter on the subject. Good Condition.