Genshoku Nihon no Bijutsu [Primary Colours of Japanese Art] (30 Volumes)

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    Various Printings.

    36cm x 25cm. 30 volumes, illustrations, some colour, some folding. Quarter cloth, decorative papered boards, illustrated jackets, slipcases. Text is in Japanese, primarily illustrations, English translations for list of plates.

    A complete set of large format pictorial Japanese encyclopedias on Japanese history, religion, art, culture, architecture, antiquities, and more. Most volumes are first printings, with the occasional reprint. Each volume is dedicated to a different subject. Full list of titles: 1. Genshi bijutsu [Ancient Japanese Art]; 2. Horyuki [Horyu-ji Temple]; 3. Nara no jiin to Tenpyo chokoku [Temples and Sculptures in Nara in the Tenpyo Period]; 4. Shosoin; 5. Mikkyo jiin to Jogan chokoku [Esoteric Buddhism Temples and Jogan Sculptures]; 6. Amidado to Fujiwara chokoku [Amidado and Fujiwara Sculpture]; 7. Butsuga [Buddhist Painting]; 8. Emakimono 9. Chusei jiin to Kamakura chokoku [Medieval Temples and Kamakura Sculpture]; 10. Zendera to sekitei [Zen Temples and Rock Gardens]; 11. Suibokuga [Ink Painting]; 12. Shiro to shoin [Architecture of Castles and Halls]; 13. Shoheiga [Screen Paintings]; 14. Sotatsu to Korin [Japanese Illustrators]; 15. Katsurarikyu to chashitsu [Katsura Imperial Villa and Tea Room]; 16. Jinja to reibyo [Shrines and Mausoleums]; 17. Ukiyoe; 18. Nanga to shaseiga [Japanese Painting]; 19. Togei [Pottery]; 20. Senshoku, shikko, kinko [Dyeing and Weaving, Lacquer work, Metalwork]; 21. Katchu to token [Armour and Swords]; 22. Sho [Calligraphy]; 23. Men to shozo [Portraits]; 24. Fuzokuga to ukiyoeshi [Genre paintings and Ukiyo-e artists]; 25. Nanban Bijutsu to yofuga [Nanban art and Western-style painting]; 26. Kindai no Nihonga [Modern Japanese Painting]; 27. Kindai no yoga [Modern Western Paintings]; 28. Kindai no kenchiku, chokoku, kogei [Modern Architecture, Sculpture, and Crafts]; 29. Shorai bijutsu (kaiga, sho) [Painting and Calligraphy)]; 30. Shorai bijutsu togei [Pottery].

    Moderate wear to slipcases, some tanning and bumping, a few with minor soiling. Most without obi. Number 21 missing slipcase, all other slipcases present. A few jackets with uneven discolouration to spine, a couple with small closed tears. Some volumes with minor wear to corners and minor to very minor foxing to edges. Previous owner’s stamp. Very Good Condition.

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